Bad News Brown

Stumbled across this bad motherfucker this morning and can’t stop listening. If you like harmonica, soul, r & b, and damn good music then Bad News Brown should be at the top of your list. To my knowledge this cat is one of the only people who utilize harmonica within beats and melodies and damn does it sound legit. His album and hit song Born 2 Sin is one of my favorite joints at the moment and hopefully it will be the same for you too. EnjoY.

Bad News Brown – Born 2 Sin


Shameless Self Promotion

Photo Credit: Molly Ehlers


So recently I recorded a little single for the upcoming Temptation EP I have been working on. This song was a lot of fun to make and really challenged my abilities to create something cohesive and something that I could be proud of. Although the recording quality is quite poor I can at least blame it on the program I was using. Anyways, here it is, for you, the single, Sometimes.

Basha! Basha! Basha! – Sometimes

in the covers. out of the covers.

I have always had a love for a well done cover and this is nothing less than that. Honestly, I really don’t enjoy Sufjan Stevens or anything he has recorded to date but this cover The Good Nature did is amazing. The lyrics to the song are extremely captivating and the instrumental keeps it rolling. Give it a listen when you’re in a somber mood to get the full reaction. Enjoy.

The Good Nature – For the Windows in Paradise (Sufjan Stevens Cover)

Rediscovered this:

I’m sorry for my mistakes

hurtful words and actions

and never sorry or regretful for any second

or special moment we shared

I realize now that you were my Summer

and with what I’ve learned from being with you

I know I’ll find my Autumn


James Vincent McMorrow – If I had a boat

Live Bucket List

Everyone has their bands who seem to produce music that have the ability to evoke every feeling we want to experience seemingly simultaneously. Recently I was thinking about who would be on my list to see live and after numerous video views and narrowing down I have found my three finalists: Miike Snow,City and Colour, and Bon Iver. Although, of course, I want to see so many others live I really feel like these 3 would make me feel things that other bands wouldn’t.

1. Miike Snow has been one of my favorite bands since their album dropped and has continued to not disappoint. I have heard (and seen) that their live performances are some of the best whether it just be in a studio or at a huge venue in a dance tent. The overall experience looks like it would be some of the most fun (and best music) that you would hear/see live. Although all of their songs have some sort of meaning to me, I still consider the fact that the live performance is seemingly incomparable to any other dance/electronic experience I have seen. This video was taken for Myspace Studios within the “Transmissions” tapings and was recorded at what looks to be a house that overlooks downtown LA. The sound quality is crazy good and after viewing their live shows via Youtube it is easy to see that the combination of quality and experience would absolutely be one of the best.

Miike Snow – Silvia (Sorry about the link, this video isn’t on Youtube yet)

2. City and Colour is a Canadian native who actually has a history with the “emo” band Alexisonfire but has created quite a different name for himself with his solo project, City and Colour. Dallas Green has in fact won a Juno award for the Best Canadian Singer-Songwriter as well his album going platinum in Canada finishing in the number 3 spot. When City and Colour comes on to my iTunes it is easy for me to stop whatever I am doing in the moment and just enjoy this dude who is much more talented than I (and many) could ever dream of being. The cadence within his vocals simply draws you in and the folk-y strumming keeps you listening for what is coming next. The emotional topics that Green covers within his 2008 Bring Me Your Love record are nothing short of heart-wrenching emotional experiences that leave you pondering and wanting more. This guy definitely knows that he is doing and it would be quite an experience to see all of these factors coming together on one stage.

City and Colour – Body in a Box

3. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have quite an affinity for Bon Iver and their For Emma, Forever Ago album that released two years ago. Simply, this is the most REAL album I have ever experienced. I say experienced because this album was much more that a “listen” to me, this album was everything I was going through, emotionally, at the time. It was everything I wanted to say rolled into one 9 track album. I have easily experienced this album over 55 times and I cannot think of another record that evokes real pain, sorrow, triumph, and excavation more so than For Emma, Forever Ago does for me. Every time I listen it takes me back and shows me things that I had forgotten, taken for granted, enjoyed, hated, loved, and lost. I can easily say that I want to see Bon Iver more than any other band I have ever mentioned on this blog and I can guarantee ┬áit will stay that way until I am lucky enough to experience them live. I think this video says a lot about the emotion that goes into shows for Bon Iver, even if it is only a studio show, it still means something to them and I still get chills watching it- Maybe you will too.

Bon Iver – Flume

Honorable Mentions:

Kanye West

Sublime W/ Rome


John Mayer

J. Cole

Gang Starr (r.i.p. GURU)

The XX

Suga Suga

Just got reacquainted with both of these songs. Completely different and yet somehow fits my mood perfectly at the moment. Nothing like some Arcade Fire and Baby Bash to end the night. Never thought these two artists would be in the same post…EVER. hahahaha, Get on my level.

The Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

Baby Bash – Suga Suga

The National

In the honor of Winter, cold nights, dry air, and breathing just so you can see your breath, I give you The National. I am sure I have blogged about these guys before but something inside of me wants to do it again. It’s feels euphoric to be back in Portland, OR for holiday break – going to my favorite view points, visiting neighborhoods and saying “someday I’m going to live here.” These are the things that make me love where I grew up and it’s so nice to be back somewhere that just gives you endless possibilities. The National came on my iPod last night as I was driving across the Ross Island Bridge and it just hit me in that moment – Winter is my favorite season, Portland is my favorite city, and The National is the perfect band to sit back and reflect on the things that mean the most to you. I hope that The National says something to you and makes you appreciate the things that make you who you are – the things that make you real. Sit back and think about who you are, where you want to be, and the little things that you seemingly don’t have time for anymore. The National can help. I promise.

The National – Mistaken For Strangers


The National – Green Gloves


The National – Slow Show